Brain control wheel chair

This project discussed about a brain controlled robot. 

Brain–computer interfaces (BCI) are systems that may bypass conventional channels of communication (i.e., muscles and thoughts) to supply direct communication and control between the human brain and physical devices by translating different patterns of brain activity into commands in real time.With these commands a mobile robot may be controlled. 
The intention of the project work is to develop a robot that may assist the disabled people in their everyday life to try and do some work independent of others.
BCI isClassified as
  1. Invasive BCI
  2. Non –Invasive BCI
  • Analyze the brain wave signals. Human brain consists of millions of interconnected neurons.
  • The pattern of interaction between these neurons are represented as thoughts and emotional states.
  • According to the human thoughts, this pattern are changing which successively produce different electrical waves.
  • A contraction also will generate a novel electrical signal.
  • All these electrical waves are sensed by the brain wave sensor and it’ll convert the info into packets and transmit through Bluetooth medium.
  • The robot that needs to behave depends on getting a brain signal.
Project Overview

=>Measure brain signals=>Signal Processing=>
Brain Signals
The signal are approx.Measure(EEG) net brain activity through voltage measurements by surface electrode.No physical movement necessary/Direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device.Also Known as Mind Machine Interface.Monitors Brain waves via network of electrodes.
Hard ware
  • Ardunino
  • Motor driver
  • GSM
  • Bluetooth
  • Brain sense (BCI)
  • Arduino IDE
  • brain thought measure
  • Think gear Connector

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