Sewage monitor system using IOT

Making a smart city one needs to consider many parameters such as a smart water, smart electricity, smart transportion etc. 

There will be a need of smart underground infrastructure which include underground water pipelines, communication cables, gas pipelines, electric flow , etc. 
As most of the cities have adopted underground drainage system, it is very   important that this system should work in a proper manner to keep the city clean , safe and healthy.
if the didn’t maintain the system the pure water may get contaminated with drainage water and may spread communicable disease.
 so different kind of work has been done to deduct, maintain and manage these underground system.
Blockages in sewers are significant reasons for both sewer flooding and contamination. 

Water organizations which neglect to handle this issue confront weighty fines and high operational expenses in the event that they unsuccessful to give a useful answer for avoid flooding Subsequently,the recognition of sewer condition is routinely required to advise on the best game-plan to dispose of this basic issue.
Block Diagram and Hard ware
  • Arduino UNO
  • Gas Sensor (MQ2)
  • Flow Sensor
  • Level Sensor
  • pH Sensor
  • LCD (16 x 2)
  • WiFi Module (ESP8266)
Connections and Explain
1. Gas sensor to Arduino (MQ2)
The MQ-2 Gas Sensor module is beneficial for gas leakage detecting in home and industry.

 It can detect LPG, i-butane, propane, methane ,alcohol, hydrogen and smoke.
The output is an analog signal and might be read with an analog input of the Arduino.
  • Vcc to Arduino 5V pin
  • GNG to Arduino GND pin
  • AO to Arduino Analog A0 pin
  • DO –
2. Water Level sensor
All water sensors have two legs. 

Some have multiple stripes. Each leg or strip is plated with a conducting material often copper. Water legs sensor act as a resistor of both legs. to 1 leg we supply + voltage and other we make ground. When both the legs are dipped in water an electrical path is formed between the 2 legs and also the sensor start conducting current. the worth of conductance / current depends on the ratio or level of water.
  • Vcc to Arduino 5V pin
  • GNG to Arduino GND pin
  • AO to Arduino Analog A1 pin
  • D0 –
3. Flow sensor
The working of the YFS201 water flow sensor is easy to know. The water flow sensor works on the principle of hall effect. Hall effect is that the production of the electrical phenomenon across an electrical conductor when a force field is applied within the direction perpendicular to it of the flow of current. The water flow sensor is integrated with a magnetic hall effect sensor, which generates an electrical pulse with every revolution. Its design is in such some way that the hall effect sensor is sealed from the water, and allows the sensor to remain safe and dry.The sensor has 3 wires RED, YELLOW, and BLACK.
Red wire – supply voltage,
Black wire – GND,
Yellow wire – output(pulses)
  • Vcc to Arduino 5V pin
  • GNG to Arduino GND pin
  • OUTPUT DATA to Arduino Analog A2 pin
4. PH sensor
  • GNG to Arduino GND pin
  • OUTPUT DATA to Arduino Analog A3 pin
5. LCD
  • VSS to Arduino GND
  • VDD to Arduino  5V Pin
  • V0 to Arduino GND
  • RS to Arduino  12 Pin
  • RW to GND
  • E to Arduino  11 Pin
  • D4 to Arduino  3 Pin
  • D5 to Arduino  4 Pin
  • D6 to Arduino  5 Pin
  • D7 to Arduino  9 Pin
  • A to Arduino  5V Pin
  • K to Arduino GND
Note: in the LCD V0 pin connect to variable resister for adjusting the brightness of display.This is connection is then variable resister connect 5v and GND and Vo to resister.
6. WIFI (Node MCU)
  • D5 pin to Arduino  10 Pin
  • D6 pin to Arduino  6 Pin
  • Vin to Arduino  3.3v Pin
  • GND to Arduino GND
Upload the program in two types of code to the Arduino and the node MCU module.

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